Monday, January 31, 2011

Couponer's delight

Hi Friends!

I learned about this new "deal" website and if you click on the link below and sign up you can get their products for up to 80% off. Also, shipping is only $2. If (enough of you) do sign up, I get freebies just for referring you and you get a $10 discount toward your first $20 purchase. CHeck it out! Let me
know if it is any good because I haven't ordered from them yet but I've definitely been tempted! Thing sell out SO FAST!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today 1/2/11- Got up early but failed to go to early church. I'm trying to get up before 11 as that is what I did for the past 7 days. Tomorrow will be rough. Chris and I went to eat at McAlisters and then he actually went shopping at Kohl's with me (props to him). I treated myself to 2 cute clearance shirts, Asics running shoes and dress casual slippers. We took down the tree today and Chris wanted to rearrange the living room. I'm not really sure that I like it but it is what it is. Ben moved out and I've been helping him load up his car. He has to make one trip back later to get the last of his things but he is out- kinda bittersweet.

Yesterday 1/1/11- I got some school work done. It should've been done earlier this week but I got a bit out of the way. Rose & Jim treated Ben, Chris and I to Lonestar for dinner. We watched "The Ugly Truth" together too. Talk about raunchy- my in-laws were shocked I suggested it! But, it was good for quite a few uncomfortable laughs!

12/31/11- I got to celebrate NYE by hanging out with my long-lost friend Megan and her family in Homer! There, I learned the game "THINGS". Happy New Year!

12/30/10- Chris and I had a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday and I went shoe shopping with no luck- really wanted a good set of running shoes. I kinda have a goal for myself to get a great running time. I just don't have a final date for reaching the goal set yet. I went from store to store with no luck. I also bought the first of 3 brides' matron dresses I will wear next year.

12/29/10- Chris and Ben were watching LOTR and I kinda got sucked in for a bit... but it isn't really my kinda show. I didn't get much accomplished on this day bc I was tired from only 5 hours of sleep.

12/28/10- I failed to mention that Jessi asked me in a super cute, homemade scrapbook to be her Matron-of-Honor. I am thrilled and honored!

Hubby and I- NYE

Megs and I NYE