Tuesday, June 16, 2015

14 months

Today someone asked me how old my son is while we were sitting at Lap Time at the library.  I had to stop and realize that he was 14 months today.  13 months was probably one of my favorite months (although I say that every month)!  He has learned so much!

He has become a very steady walker.  He is still learning about uneven surfaces but has level ground down!  He is so fast and he really wants to climb!  Stairs, objects, couches, he attempts it all! I just try my best to keep up with him!  He wants to be extremely independent.  I mean I was trying to keep him in my front yard the other day and he wasn't so sure footed just yet with our driveway (which has a steep decline) and he started crawling down our driveway towards the street.  He did not want me to stop him.

Overall, I'd say his personality is one of very happy and content.  Everywhere we go, I get told what a happy baby.  In fact just on Friday, two of my best friends commented on that in the same day.  He is just a happy boy when mommy is around! ;-)

I love him to pieces!  Everything I do is funny and interesting!  This month he became "Mr. Chatterbox"!  Seriously, the kid picks up any random object and uses it as a "phone" and just gabs away.  He is starting to form real words.  He says "go" and just today "doggie".  He tries to say "Cooper" and "All Done" but they aren't clear yet.  It is funny though because today I was scolding Cooper to be quiet and he was "giving Cooper an earful" too!

Caleb loves: momma, dada, Grandpa Reinhart, Cooper, stairs, food, playing with legos, building, running on sidewalks, water, baths, singing/dancing, clapping, smiling, stroller rides, Paw Patrol charming everyone he meets!

Caleb doesn't love: eggs, grass, getting dressed, diaper changes

Caleb is getting a daily routine now that I have been home with him just over one week.  He gets up between 8-8:30 and we go pointing and looking for dada.  He finds him and gabs his ear off and then snuggles him and wants momma again.  Then we nurse, eat breakfast and play and nap at 10:45-12:30.  He eats a good lunch and we play again til 4.  He naps til 5:30.  Dinner and stroller ride.  It has been a good gig.  We watch Paw Patrol and wind down with a bottle every night before bed.


Clothes: Shirt: 18 months; Pants: 12 months; Shoe size 4