Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

You know, I didn't pull the camera out at all for the weekend but it was a pretty busy weekend.

Fri- got home early enough for the hubby to help me unload lots of recycling from work. (Apparently, there was a rumor at work that I recycle and thus I should be dumped on with recycling.) Then, insert pizza in oven, proceed to eat pizza, THEN get the phone call to go out to eat at El Toro for dinner. I met up with M&S&O&G and Rose. Then, Stephanie had a softball game so I got to watch StoneCreek play with Vineyard Church. StoneCreek won but I didn't stay through the entire game.

Sat- sleep in!!!! YES!!! My body needed it... not only had I been fighting off pink eye this week, but I was exhausted. My immune system has been down because I may have tonsillitis or something going on in the throat region. It felt so amazing that for the first Sat in weeks, I didn't have to wake up early and hop in the car to go off to the next thing! We went to my cousins' birthday party for Michael and a combined graduation party for another cousin, Megan, that evening with my family. Since I waited to do my couponing- Chris and I started shopping at 10pm and finished just in time ending at County Market at 11:55pm. We made it! 3 stores across town from each other in 2 hours, phew and I did some major saving too!!!

Sunday- get up in time to be late for church then we ate at home. My family invited us to have dinner and meet my sister's new man- Chris. And, I found out, he is older than my Chris by like 2 months. He seemed nice! The family played games til 10pm and then made our way home.

Monday- get up and let the cooking begin! I spent two hours in the kitchen doing dishes, making potatoes, pasta salad, macaroni bake and more for the "holiday" dinner with the family! The Painters arrived in time for food and we attempted to go swimming at Sholem. We arrived just in time for everyone to be announcing that they were closing for some reason. So, we then drove across town to learn the Urbana indoor Aquatic Center doesn't open til June 4. (By then, I'll be leaving town.) Anyways, we ended up at M&S's house sitting in their new inflatable toddler pool. Then, went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, yummmmm.

Did I mention writing a resume or cover letter in there? Oh no, there wasn't much time with all this family time. But, I did make a rough draft last night then submit it today. I'm praying for a more permanent job in town. But, I am content to stay where I am at if it doesn't work out. We'll see what is in store down the road.

On another note, today I got to have my last day with the kids. That went really well, popsicles and games- they liked that!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top Reasons I'm Excited for Summer

1. No more filling up the thank 1-2 times per week!
2. Las Vegas!!!
3. More hubby time!
4. Less exhaustion!
5. EXTREME COUPONING once again!
6. Time with the puppy
7. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings
8. Time to reorganize
9. Less bi-polar people to deal with (presumptuous?? I think not!)
10. Pools and garage sales

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding Highlights and Funnies

Weddings are very emotional days for all involved. I'm going to attempt to put my thoughts together to tell you about Lexi's big wedding day.

Bizarre Moments...

The morning of the wedding, three boxes of shoes were missing. They were left at the church hall but they were no where to be found. So, the mother of the bride, daughter of the bride and Maid of Honor (sister of bride) were shoe-less the morning of. Never fear, that was remedied by the MoH making a quick trip to Bergners.

Funny Moments...

Rehearsal- well there were several but my personal favorite was when the priest said, "You are now united as one, go greet your family." The bride to be went one way, the groom another... oh boy!

Wedding- Christa tried to save Lexi from stepping on her veil, but in the process, stepped on her veil. Lexi was walking so fast that Christa couldn't get out of the way. She was still stepping on the veil and it just flew right off Lexi's head as she left the alter.

Reception- The eating of the cake. Lexi and Matt got three different experiences because the photographer kept them doing different poses. Also, I loved it that the best man had to be Lexi's chair for the garter toss and she stood on him, Captain Morgan style. He laughed and corrected that.

Good times...
Getting ready- all of the girls sitting around ready to go and singing to the same song.

Playing briefly with my puppy outside before my hubby drove away. (He dropped me off at the church hall at 8:30 am).

Getting to catch up with old besties.

Sappy moments...
When Christa gave her speech about how Lexi can be a crybaby and had many, herself included, in tears.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lilian's Bridal Shower

Lilian's Bridal Shower was fun and sweet! It was on 5/14/11. The weather could have been warmer but the atmosphere, friends, food was amazing! Congrats, Lilian and Dan!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Version of Mother's Day

"Mommy's Spoiled Boy"

My baby gives me unconditional love! ;-)

Monday, May 9, 2011


We had a great weekend in Quincy and apparently avoided some tornado weather in C-U. We got a beautiful sunny weekend and some time out on the boat!! Lovely weekend!