Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prints and bath time

Bathtime is a great time for Caleb!! He gets really wide eyed but just is as content as could be!

We did he foot and hand print before bath time.  I now know why people usually only do feet.  It is impossible to do hands when they have the strong grasp reflex.  I'm so happy that it turned out how it did!

Content after my first bath!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sleepy time

I got to edit pictures and Caleb slept in the bouncer beside me- I just adore how he smiles in his sleep! ;-)

He did so well in the bouncer I just carried him down the stairs in it so we'd stay content!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Big Cousin Olivia visits

Stephanie, Michael & Olivia brought us chicken for dinner!  And, a frozen dinner for later too!!  Olivia got to hold her little cousin! How precious is this picture?!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo shoot on a gorgeous day

I am in a small group with my church and in our group there are two other photographers.  Jennifer agreed to take my pictures in exchange for me taking her family photos.  Because the marathon took place in Champaign-Urbana and because of the gorgeous forecast, we decided to do an outdoor session at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet. I handed Caleb to daddy in the morning so I could get ready!

What I saw when I got out of the shower! ;-p

Chris took a little video of our little man sleeping through me doing their family pictures.  He was quite the little trooper too.  Of course, when it was our turn, he was fussing.  That's life now, lol!

After the session, we visited my brother and sister on the way home.

Rose and Jim stopped by to help us in the evening too!!

Daddy making a Caleb face

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sleeping like daddy

My husband is an excellent sleeper.  He can sleep anywhere with no trouble at all in about any position.  Comparatively, I am a very light sleeper.  I think Caleb will take his daddy's sleeping traits.  I certainly couldn't sleep with my hands over my head!  But Caleb looks so cute doing it.

The weather was just simply gorgeous today so I took advantage of my hubby and sleeping baby and got a bit of yard work done.  I pulled all the dead plants and leaves to make way for other spring plants to replace it.  

Look who stopped by after work to visit!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So that day came

So the day that had me really stressed out came finally.  Caleb had his circumcision.  I have worried about how he would handle the pain and mommy definitely didn't do well when the doctor took him in another room and I could hear him just screaming.  But, to my surprise, he was actually quite well mannered all day. In fact, the procedure seemed to make him extra sleepy because he slept all day quite well.  Despite it looking extremely painful, he didn't seem to mind.  In fact, we waited in the parking lot for Chris to run in and get some items at Meijer and he soothed himself. (See below)  We got to pick up his puppy set from Tina and meet my mom and sister briefly to see little guy.  (Teresa had to go to work so we just kept him in the carseat and she got to look on at him.)  We had a puppy photo session this evening and I just love the results!!

Wide eyed to go to the doctor

Self-soothing (adorably) after the doctor's visit

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Houdini

No matter what swaddle I've used, Caleb always manages to get at least one hand out.  But, boy does this boy love to be swaddled! ;-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First family shopping trip

While we were already out and Caleb was doing good, we decided to run to Meijer quickly to get a few groceries and baby items.

It felt good being out and about but it felt good coming home to rest.  My incision is still quite sore and getting up and down seems to be getting better but I don't want to push myself too hard either. When we got home, Chris was being super sexy cute loving on our baby, I couldn't resist snapping photos!

First Doctor Visit

So Presence Medical Center does not do circumcisions in the hospital. This is left up to the pediatrician to do at the first visit.  So, I got myself very psyched up for this visit.  We've been very blessed in that Caleb absolutely loves car rides. He tends to fuss a bit while getting put in the car seat but once it is in motion, he settles instantly.  Our first doctor's visit went smoothly.  He slept on the way there (it's about a 3 min drive).  He slept in the waiting room too.  But after the nurse told us to strip him down to nothing to get his weight, he was screaming.  We learned he lost nearly a pound at this visit.  He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces at birth but was 6 pounds 11 ounces at his appointment [nearly one week later].  We asked our many questions of the doctor.  He answered them all to my satisfaction but informed us that the hospital had not set up the circumcision so we had to come back on Thursday.  This was very hard on me because I had already prepared myself and now would have to come in the morning to get this done.  I left with a general sense of judgement from Dr. S and I had to ask Chris if he had the same vibe as me.  Of course, Chris didn't pick up on anything but I felt like he thought I wasn't breastfeeding properly.  I tried to explain we had a rough transition home but things were improving; I felt we had a good "grip" on feeding by that point!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Friend and "Grandma" Visits

My good friend and co-worker popped in on the morning and brought me a Strawberries & Creme smoothie from Starbucks. She got to meet little guy.  She is expecting her own pink bundle in August and we are excited to meet her!

My friend Terri "adopted" me as her own daughter when we worked together at Southwest Elementary school in Tilton.  She wanted to stop by to drop off a blanket that she made. I told her the good news- Caleb had arrived.  So, she got to be surprised to meet little guy when she came by.  Also, my dear friend Amy stopped by with homemade dinner.  It was pretty awesome!  Black bean chicken!!!  It will be a new regular for me to add to my list of things I can cook!

"Shh, baby is sleeping!"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Caleb's First Easter weekend...

Mom left mid-morning Saturday because she had to work.  But, before she left she managed to make him a bunny set. I told her that I'd get her a picture of him wearing it before the day was up.  [So, future Caleb, this photo is all Grandma's fault. ;-p]

Saturday, R& J brought us lunch and we got some pictures taken of cutie pie in the afternoon.

Sunday was Caleb's first Easter. Rose & Jim brought us lunch- soup and rolls and we spent the whole day together.  Rose let me take a decent nap until some kid selling chocolate rang our doorbell.  That was when I promptly made a door sign saying "don't ring the doorbell".  It was so gorgeous out that day that Jim had the idea to get an umbrella for our patio table.  We love it!  Now I can sit in the back yard in the shade!!  It even has solar panel lights for night use!!  Anyone want to have beverages at our outdoor patio this summer?! ;-)

We worked on yard work a bit and did some laundry.  Rose & Jim even bought us dinner from El Toro.  I can honestly say that it was the first Easter that I had Mexican food for dinner.  It was strange but I really appreciated that they were open!!  We enjoyed our dinner outdoors under our new umbrella.  Thanks again R&J!!

World's Most Amazing Father! ;-)

The first time Jim held Caleb

All my boys on one couch

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hospital Stay (Day 3)

On the third day at the hospital I was itching to get away from all the noise and chaos.  I didn't like being limited to a chair or uncomfortable hospital bed.  I couldn't wait to get home to my own space.  My mom agreed to spend the night at our house so I was thrilled to take her up on it.

Our photographer came to the hospital and did a little photo session with us. What was supposed to take 15-20 minutes took 1 hour and 15 minutes; that was stressful for this new momma.  Additionally one nurse came in later with her smart phone and started posing Caleb all awkwardly for a picture for their billboard.  He cried both occasions and it was very hard for this momma to console him.

My aunt stopped by with a gift and got to visit with me.  It actually was perfect timing because Chris left to go get some things we needed from home.  Afterward, the nurses helped us with some last minute questions and showed me how to use my pump.  We were escorted out to the car and the weather was simply amazing. It was probably the warmest day of the year and just simply gorgeous out.  I'd say it was 70 degrees out and super sunny.  We loaded our newborn in the car for the first time and I just felt very leery of every car as we took the short 10 minute drive home.

Just a few hours ago, this little big guy was inside me.I don't know how he fit in there.
He crosses my entire lap! 21 inches of sweetness!!

Jessi, Elli and her parents made a special delivery of a sweet swing that we've used many times since they brought it.  He passes out pretty easily in it!

It was great for me being home but I felt bad for Chris who now had to play nurse for me including helping me get up and down; helping me in the bathroom and making sure I took my medicine but not too soon.  (I later called him the medicine Nazi.)

The first night was very rough.  My little man who formerly latched well was not only not latching but screaming violently instead.  My mom stayed calm through the whole process.  She let me get sleep and rest and managed to keep little guy "at bay" for a few hours at a time until he needed to be nursed.

Hospital Stay and Visitors (Day 2-3)

We had a "short" first night at the hospital so to speak.  Despite everyone's best effort to tell me to sleep when the baby sleeps, it is hard to do so when this momma woke up to every new baby noise, to be monitored, to the momma screaming in labor and to the newborn next door who had a very advanced set of lungs!

It was less than fun with a catheter, an IV and the inability to get out of bed without assistance.  A couple of times, I would've liked Chris to help me but he was such a sound sleeper that even after throwing a pillow at his head (which hit him) didn't wake him I had to call nurses for help.

Aunt Teresa came by in the morning and brought a couple of things I needed.  It was nice to have her come hold Caleb when she did so I could take a shower (with a little bit of help from Chris getting in and plastic around my IV to keep it dry.) Chris and I rested as much as we could while being monitored throughout the day.  The nurses took Caleb at one point to do some basic tests, he passed all with flying colors!  We were well cared for throughout the day.  At one point, the hospital even called to remind us that it was time to order our special dinner.  It really was special how they presented it on a table with flowers and sparkling juice.

We had several visitors come including: Rose, Jim, Mom, Dad, Megan and Amy.  

That evening, I felt okay with the idea of walking a few laps around (with much pressure from Chris) so Chris, Caleb and I took a few laps around the hall.  Later, I wanted to get some good rest so Chris thought it'd be a good idea to take Caleb in the hall so I wouldn't wake up to his every noise.  They hung out there for a bit I suppose.  I think I actually did sleep a little.  But, I got two hours the night I went into labor and the first night I think I got about 1-2 hours of rest.

Amy praying for me

Hanging with daddy