Thursday, December 27, 2012

Princess Olivia's First Sleepover

My niece Olivia is four and she pointed out to me a few days ago that she hadn't stayed overnight with me before.  So, we quickly remedied that problem!  

Olivia came over last night for some fun-- and fun we had!

We started our epic girly sleepover with some fun... making sugar cookies...

The night continued with some time watching "Veggie Tales" and "Angelina Ballerina".  

Show review- ***** 5 cheeses/5 for "Olivia Friendliness".  
The show is about a young mouse who wants to be a prima ballerina.  Angelina is a talented dancer and the show has many life lessons that I felt were right on!  

As princesses ourselves, we had to have pink nail color in our life...
I'm not sure why the concerned look on her face...
Then the real fun began... we had to enjoy a nice bubble "cuzzi" bath!  
Then we read some Bible stories and went to bed at midnight... yep we didn't want the princess to turn back at the stroke of midnight.

This morning she woke me up at 8 saying, "Aunt Carrie it is morning I think!"  I told her to snuggle me in bed and we managed to sleep until nearly 9.  

Then we got up and took a stroll with Cooper through the "golf field".  We got to see many geese and slip around on some ice.  

Then it was on to decorate and label those cookies for the family!

Then, she had to go... until next time kid... although I don't know how we'll top this one! ;-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve...

Christmas Eve Eve

  We had a lovely celebration with the Painter's.  We were treated to Bucca de Beppo's Italian restaurant which recently opened at the mall. We also got to enjoy tasty snacks and open gifts at Rose & Jim's house!  See some of the fun below!

Can't decide who liked it more- Gideon or Jim?

Princess Rapunzel

Moments after the sweet smooch! ;-)