Monday, December 26, 2011

Date night @ Desthil

We had an opportunity to try out a local business and it was a tasty adventure! We'll be going back again.


We had a nice Christmas. We started at mom's for breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. We exchanged gifts and played games.
Then we went to my aunt's place across town for another meal. We ended the day at Grandma's where we ate and played some more.

Opening gifts

Playing "Minute to Win It" (Has to keep the the eggs on the box and spin around 5 times)

Dad has to get the feather in the belt clip box, a feat that was nearly impossible.

Grandma and I

Cardinals World Series Poster and license plate

The recently engaged couple- Christina and Chris

My hair held its curl all day long

Cooper opens his first present! ;-)

Cooper watched me as I wrapped his gift and couldn't wait to open it.  He stole it from me so that he could open it right away! ;-)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is Christmas in my family.  We have a large family gathering on my mother's side.  We start by having a Thanksgiving style dinner with a huge variety of foods.  My grandmother made an amazing beef roast! I'll have to find out where that came from; it was AMAZING!  Did I already mention that? lol

The gang is growing in size!  My sister announced her engagement!

My handsome hubby!

Teresa and I

My aunt and cousin

Yep, that is right, my little cousins are all hanging out at the bar! ;-)

Well, the good news is that I know that Chris's reflectors really do work.

Grandma and I

Siblings and cousins

Being themselves

Christina and I

Mom and Dad

Just hanging out!

Anyways, we left for mass and afterwards the present opening begins.  It is always fun to see my younger cousins getting so excited about their gifts.  We had a very nice Christmas again this year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chris' mini un-official high school reunion

Chris' friends came back in town from all over the world... the furthest came from down under. That's right, Australia!  Others came from St. Louis, Ohio, Chicago, and more. We went to Esquire, which Chris swears I've been to before but haven't.  Then we ended the night at Merry Ann's.


Camera phones take blurry action pictures

Pretty smile

The gang

Good old Scott

Before / After

Thanks to my sister's generosity & Rod Sickler's stylist, I have bangs and layers. I was way overdue for a cut. Its been ten months.

Shop til you drop

I finished everyone on my Christmas shopping list last week, with one exception- Chris.  Well, Megan and I were chatting online and we both needed to buy a nice shirt for Christmas.  So an hour later, we were shopping. We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden and continued shopping.  We went to Kohls and Jessi met us there.  From there Jessi and I went to Gordmans, Meijer, Walgreens, and Dollar General.  We had a nice dinner at Rainbow Garden in Urbana and we had a yummy dessert of frozen yogurt at Skinni Girl's Frozen Yogurt. What a great night!!

Student gift

My student's mom S makes the most beautiful Christmas cookies. The gift wrap is nice too.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

All wrapped up

<p>I started and finished wrapping ALL the Christmas gifts last night. I don't remember it ever taking so long in the past. I think I started at 1 am and finished around 3:30 am. Christmas is Sunday for the Painters! Pictured: the end result and my husband (I think it really captures EXACTLY how much he contributed.)

Children's service

I was happy that we could attend children's service Sunday morning. I was a little disappointed that the kids did not sing, but it was cute nonetheless.  I mean who can't help but smile watching confused small children looking upon the adults for guidance in the next dance move or help but laugh at the occasional collision of directionally challenged youngsters?

Drive home

The evening after the funeral, we has a nice meal with the family and played cards. And, despite going to bed late and 5-ish hours of sleep the night before, I sprang out of bed at 7 am.  I got to have breakfast with Pop and some of the family.  He seemed much better than the day before.

While we rode down with M&S, we came back with Rose and Jim.  We left for Charleston at 9. We took a two hour pit stop in Tennessee where we stopped to see Opry Land. I had never been there before. It was really impressive with oversized decorations.

We got back to Charleston at 7:30 pm and got home around 9. (We had to stop for groceries.) I got to talk with my brother who was dog-sitting briefly before bed.