Sunday, July 31, 2011

Experiencing withdrawal....

On Monday, at jury duty, I finished the last of the Percy Jackson series. I absolutely fell in love with them when I started reading books 1&2 with my 8th grade boys last spring. I am totally going through withdrawal since I don't have a good book to read & listen to while in the car. Any suggestions??

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lilian was walked in by both her stepfather and biological father

My ISU girlfriends

Our handsome dates!

The readers at the Gomez wedding are Lilian's ISU friends

This girl is another sister for me, she is always so calm and easy-going and it is impossible not to love her!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jury Duty

It's funny how opinions change.

On Sunday, I was asking people how to get out of jury duty and on Monday I was sitting in the orientation room thinking this is terrifying. On Monday, I was the second person selected for jury duty and asked to come back to begin trial Tuesday morning, "figures" I thought.

Tuesday I listened to all witnesses and was asked to come back.

Wednesday we were given the concluding remarks and sent off to deliberate. I was selected as foreperson. I found that title to be quite complimentary since I was nearly the youngest one there. There was a 19 year old girl just out of high school. But they gave me the job since I'm a teacher.

But, after today I no longer dread jury duty, instead I thought it was kind of cool to get to be a part of the justice system. Looking back, I'm glad I had that opportunity and I'm glad I didn't "dodge the bullet" so to speak! I can add this to my life experiences!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swimming with the Hubby

While I don't have any pictures to prove it, Chris actually went swimming with me Sat night from 5-7:40. We both had a blast going on the lazy river and swimming laps! I just love that boy!! He followed up with shopping for dinner and preparing dinner (hamburgers) for me! He got some major brownie points tonight!!

Painter Cousin Gathering

Chris's cousin Travis, his wife Julie and their 17 month old son made the journey down to Urbana to visit with the fam for the afternoon. It was just the six of us adults as Mike & Steph were hosting and 3 children. It was a pretty low key afternoon. We all brought food to share and I snapped some photos. We couldn't get a group child shot because Landon was a bit shy this time. Maybe next time!

Landon peers around

Proof for down the road to remind them that they like each other

Landon Stinker Face! ;-)

Olivia Close Up

Bonding with daddy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Engagement Session

I had the privilege of "shooting" this engagement photo session this morning in the 90 temperature. Poor things!! But, they were great sports!

I think several of these turned out just precious. I wish the best to the cutest couple I know! Congrats Lilian & Dan!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bridal Shower

Today, I went to the most elegant Bridal Shower ever! It was so nice getting pampered and served and I'm happy to be a Bride's matron in Danah and JR's wedding. See a glimpse or two of the day below...

The entire bridal party including readers (minus one bridesmaid)

ISU Girlfriends... we color coordinate!

Tearing up at her mother's very sentimental gift...

Garter and handkerchief made from her mother's wedding dress...

Congrats you love birds!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Festivities

4th of July this year was a real "splash" (pun-intended).

We road up with M&S on July 2nd and spent a few days in Quincy, IL with family. I had a good time just being calm and relaxed. It is always fun to see everyone and go boating. I loved riding on the wave-runner with Chris and Mike while Mike skied. I loved spending time with my niece and nephew. I enjoyed all the giant meals that were prepared for us. I enjoyed making strawberries dipped in chocolate and sugar. I loved seeing the cryogenic experiments that Chris' uncle put on.

We had a great time... here are just a few pics below...