Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oishi {Restaurant review}

My hubby and I had a date night Saturday Nov. 10 at Oishi.  It came after much debate about what to cook. We decided going out was our best bet!  We really enjoyed everything about Oishi.  The atmosphere, service and especially the food.  We loved the presentation of our tasty food. While we didn't sit at their new hibachi grill, we still got quite the entertaining show from our seats at the "regular" table.   I loved it so much that I got to go back Friday Nov 17 with my friend Angela where once again I enjoyed a really yummy dose of new delicious sushi rolls!  I also strongly suggest their shrimp dumplings!!!  I will be going back again and again!

Week 3 Gratitude Journal

I have so much to be thankful for. I like reflecting on this weekly!

1. I'm thankful for trying new foods- I used to be a terribly picky eater but my palette has broadened (slightly) and I can try new foods.  My new kick is sushi rolls! Oishi and My Thai are reaping the benefits!  YUM!!

2. Great co-workers!  I really enjoy them this year!  So much fun!  I've had many great co-workers over the years!

3. Time- because my job fits me better this year, I have time to do the things I love more too!

4.  Photo props- I'm kind of becoming a junkie!  Yikes, hold me back from all the cuteness!

5. Blogs- I follow many and it is neat to see how others function in the world.

6. Education- I like that I can continue my education daily by learning from other great co-workers as well as my students (as well as by preparing lessons).

7. I'm grateful for vacation days!  I'm thrilled to have a day off to just catch up! ;-)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

{Week 2 Gratitude Journal}

1. I'm extremely grateful for my hubby- he works hard, takes good care of me, has a sweet, tender heart, is funny, snuggles me, he is handy around the house, has a cute butt, is committed, values me, pursues a relationship with God, makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me happy, plays with Cooper; loves our dog, saves money, makes a budget, gives me constructive criticism (possibly the only person I can take this very well from), serves others, helps around the house (occasionally), and much more!

2. I'm grateful for Cooper!  He is such a fun-loving sweet dog. Often, I tease that I should have named him Shadow because he is ALWAYS at my side.  He is definitely a momma's boy.  He is a loyal dog that will do just about anything I ask of him (sit, drop it, OFF, lay down, GET IT, go get a toy).  He loves to be pet, snuggle, and to play!  He doesn't make messes in the house (except when finding that the trash can is at his level and mom/dad left the door open).  He is always making me laugh and smile.  He is the one I spend the most time with.  He is a really great companion!

3. I'm grateful for a budget.  Chris and I are not normally big spenders but right now we have two mortgages and that means we have to be smart with money.  I actually find it really exhilarating that I can plan out what I am going to spend in advance and try to stick with it!

4. Camera- My camera bag has become like a second purse to me.  It goes everywhere frequently.  Now if I could just get a second DSLR...

5. Dinner Out- this week alone I got to go out three times and I just love it when I don't have to prepare my own food.  I try to pack my own lunches and thus usually I make every meal I eat.  So, when I go out, I love that I didn't have to think about preparing the meal.  ... if only I had my mother's cooking again! ;-)

6. Elli- she is such a sweet baby girl and her parents just love her! She is a nice excuse for me to get to visit my best friend more!  I just love that little bitty baby smells!
Sleeping one-month-old Elli

7. Seasons- It is so great getting to see the leaves change colors and all my favorite things about fall come alive: bonfires, hay rides, hot chocolate, etc.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Elli

Today, I got some much needed Elli time.  I just love that baby smell!  See her in all her cuteness! This girl is absolutely set with PINK!  She is a very blessed young lady with many loved ones around who can spoil her! ;-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

{Week 1 Gratitude Journal} Stolen from Facebook...

... but I intend to do this a tad differently.  I've noticed the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge starting all over my friend's Facebook statuses and I thought that I can do this via my blog and just post it to Facebook once per week.  So here is week #1's list of gratitude.

1. I'm so very thankful for my church.  I've totally fallen in love with it in the past few years.  They have challenged me to learn and have grown my faith.  We had amazing worship last night at the "Empowered to Heal" conference and it just feels great that I can be surrounded by a strong community of believers!

2. I'm very thankful for family!  Sometimes, we all get wrapped up in our very busy lives but I know how much everyone cares.  I am thankful that they all stepped up and helped out when we were in need of help with moving and that they continue to bless us today!

3. I'm thankful for our new house.  I would NEVER of dreamed that at this point in our marriage, I'd be living in such a large, beautiful house that is so environmentally friendly.  Those of you that know me well know that I am a very environmentally conscientious gal.  (Going as far as taking other people's recyclables out of the dorm trash in college to hauling paper and other recyclables home from work.)  I'm so glad our house is leaving less of a carbon footprint on the environment.  And I'm thankful that we are blessed with a house with solar paneling and geothermal systems.

4. I'm thankful for following my dreams!  I used to think it'd be the coolest thing ever if I could be a photographer!  A year ago in October, Amy told me to follow my dream.  I can't believe how much has changed in a year, now I am very happily snapping away clients pictures nearly every weekend.  Such a dream come true!

5.  I'm thankful for my health. There are few things that I need to work on like eating healthier and exercising more, but I am healthy and I give the credit for that to Jesus!

6. I'm thankful for great friends.  You know the kind.  They answer the phone every day to talk about mundane things, come from far away to visit, stop for a quick Subway trip even on a super busy night so we can see each other.  I've been extremely blessed with some amazing girlfriends in my life!

7.  I'm extremely thankful for my new job.  This is the job I've been praying to have for many years! It is not too far of a commute (although twenty minutes one way).  I have small class sizes, a manageable class schedule and I really like my students, principal, and co-workers.  It took several not-so-great jobs (with occasional tears & weekend dread) to get where I am but I absolutely love it now!

And there you have it, week 1 list of gratitude from me.  I'll try to update you again in one more week! ;-)