Friday, January 29, 2016

21 months

...13 days late...  It's been hectic lately. Work has been super stressful. How many days til summer?

Highlights of his 20th month... Caleb is babbling all the time.  I can't always tell exactly what he is saying but can figure out the gist because he'll throw in a few recognizable words and gestures to fill me in!

He was quite spoiled at Christmas this year.  Ironically, his favorite part about it was sitting on the floor ripping papers.  I couldn't believe how much his aunts & uncles got for him: toys, toys, toys!

We had a NYE party at our house and he loved having his cousins come over to play puzzles and throw balls with him.

Winter break was great; I loved enjoying so much time with just me & Caleb.  We kept very busy playing, visiting friends and organizing the house.  Caleb is a good helper.

Height:  inches
Weight: 25.2 lbs
Clothes: 2T shirts;18/24 month pants; shoes 6 diapers 4
New words: Amen, love you, thank you, bubble guppies, 
New Things: holding hands to pray, playing hide-and-seek, playing "ring-around-the-rosie" a noticeable increase in his interest in reading books, can point to nose, ears, eyes

first novel

silly hair match his daddy

new rubber duckies

Aunt Teresa stayed late to read...

...and read 
one of the few nights he wanted to snuggle

checking his new kitchen

New MegaBloks = child-sized fort

cousin Gid playing with his new puzzle- he was really good too

NYE chocolate pretzels!

wants to be like Gid

NYE party watching- "How to Train Your Dragon"

enjoying free day at Leonhard center

Loving his new drumsticks

a pro at his new train table

playing with cousin Matthew at Christmas Eve mass

checking out the large Christmas village at Lincoln Square

chilin with the cousins on the first day of winter break

new tricycle-Paw Patrol!

enjoying mommy's break decorating cookies at Amy's party