Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who does that???

So, I asked my hubby to take our baby- Cooper, to the vet today. Well, he took him to a vet, just not our vet. Strangely, when Chris told them why he was there they asked him about Cooper's history, took his information, and gave him not just the 2 annual shots they needed... but 4. Who does that really? And why? If all are confused.. shouldn't that be a sign that something isn't right. Oh, and what is the deal with my crazy husband? Well, we switched groomers ergo- this must be our new "vet" right?!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jessi's Bachelorette

Well the night was a fun success!!!

Everything was fun and a surprise for the bride.

I've taken the liberty to copy and paste a section of the invitation that was mailed out to the girls so here it goes...

After we shower Jessi with lingerie and kinky treats,
we’re having a bachelorette party that’s kind of unique
We’ll meet at the Melting Pot, drink, laugh and have fun,
no ones going home until the bride says, “We’re done!”

Once again the bride doesn’t know the plans, so please help keep it a surprise!
Saturday September 24, 2011
Start at Homewood Suites @4:15 for cocktails
2501 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 253-1919

Continue at The Melting Pot Restaurant @ 7:15
5650 East 86th Street Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Phone: (317) 841-3601

Continue at Morty’s Comedy Joint featuring Chris Strait @ 9:45 (for seating)
show @ 10:15
3625 E 96th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240

The night continued at Bar Nipper's where we got to dance and have karaoke. We headed home around 3am and had girl talk until 4am. Jessi and I probably stayed up another hour talking and we all were up and moving by 8:30 this morning. Fun times!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Mall Concert

I went to the Jason Gray concert tonight put on by WBGL in the mall. It was pretty nice. Turns out, the audio on my phone is awful, but it'll give you an idea!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My friend's wedding


Danah couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Ironically, it started out dark, foggy and rainy but by the wedding hour it was sunny and gorgeous outside! It was atypically warm for a September day.

The day started around 6 am when my alarm went off, I picked up a fellow bridesmaid and we were off to begin the primping process with the group. The day was fun with fresh fruit and bagels, Josh Groban playing on the radio and happy girls all around.

There was a sister team there to do hair and a girl doing air-brushed makeup.  Despite their $90 fee, they didn't do anything at all like what I wanted but it still looked nice none-the-less.

Danah looked absolutely stunning and the day went without a hitch!  We were picked up by a limo to the church. The entire wedding party (18 total) left from the church on a party bus.  We went to several locations for pictures and I'm sure they will be just simply amazing!!!  The reception was simply breath-taking!  With over 400 guests, cocktail and ordeurs were awesome!  We have a "grand" head table with three layers and a five course meal.  They had a photo booth and chocolate for favors.  What a night.

Congrats to Danah and JR for their beautiful celebration of a lifelong marriage!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jessi's Bridal Shower...

Okay, so the big day I've been preparing for months finally came, Jessi's bridal shower. As the Matron of Honor, I put it together. Jessi already had 2-3 showers before this one so I wanted to do things right.

Location: Cafe Luna on Chestnut in Champaign
Time: 11-2

We started out the day by guessing how many times she tried on "the dress" and frosting ourselves...

Then people could drop their recipes, well wishes, advice, memories into a giant cupcake cookie jar.

Then, it was on to brunch. People could choose from Cinnamon brioche french toast, omelettes, eggs benedict or vegetarian. It was all delicious! Oh, and the menus I made, the one with blue on the menu won a prize!

After we ordered, I explained that you couldn't say "Jeff" or "wedding". If you were caught, that person got to take your ring. The one with the most rings wins! Pictured is Autumn taking Jessi's ring- busted!

We then played a game getting to know Jessi and Jeff just a little bit better. (Pictured: Jessi reveals the answers)

After brunch we set up or Bingo cards and then we opened gifts in a cozy setting!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5648512363883497394" />

As Jessi opened her gifts, Heather documented what she said. After opening gifts, we revealed to everyone some of the things Jessi will be saying on her wedding night.
"How do you unwrap this thing?"
"That is exactly the same color as our wood."
"Jeff would really like this!"
"I don't like wet wood!"
"I can't take it out, it is really heavy!"

We took the opportunity to get some photos!!

After the gifts were opened, the cupcakes were brought out and favors were given! I'd say it was a successful day!