Saturday, May 16, 2015

13 months

Where does the time go?  Years have always gone fast but this is insanity!  I have a 13 month old today!

What's new?

He is a pro tantrum-thrower.  If he wants something and doesn't get in in .2 seconds of him thinking of it; he is arching his back and screaming.  I seriously am amazed.  Where does he learn this stuff?

He is also starting to learn other important skills. He is taking several independent steps at a time.  He isn't quite walking yet but when his mind is set, he does get in 5-6 steady steps before falling to the ground.  He is starting to try more and more daily.

He loves all food except plain scrambled eggs- that he will make a face that makes you think he is choking and you will need to do the Heimlich.  LOL- we were eating Mother's day brunch and I stated that I was glad that someone made eggs because we rarely eat them at home.  I wanted him to get exposure since I really don't care much for eggs. His face was too funny!

He loves his new water table!  Like you must see the video!  He gets totally soaked but just loves it. Also we started taking baths in the big kid tub and that was going well until tonight when he decided to run away from the water being poured on his head and tried to break his back.  Generally though, we love bath night!

Caleb has mastered the "alligator roll" when it comes to diapers or clothing change.  He can wiggle his way right out.

He recently has started pointed to everything indicating he wants us to walk there together.  He also loves to point out lights.  He actually says the word "light" clear as day. He also can say "Caleb" but it sounds more like "Tay- lub".  I love it!

I will work on the stats and update this post later but I wanted to at least get these memories down before I forget!

Weight: 22.0 lbs
Height: ?
Shoe size: 3
Clothes: Shirts-18 months; pants 12 months