Monday, April 2, 2012


After a fun Friday night with my sister, I got to have a fun Saturday night with my hubby and sister.  The three of us made a trek to Uptown Normal and had a very pleasant dining experience at Medici. The restaurant was very pretty, SO MUCH VISUAL APPEAL!  The food was great too!  Teresa had a scrumptious cheese pizza while Chris at this amazing salmon.  (And I don't even like salmon).  I tried the ma-hi tacos, it was certainly not the best food at the table but it was okay.

But, I just adore their walnut tree in the center of the restaurant as well as their unmistakable wood theme throughout.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Let me start by mentioning just how impressed I am with how "green" Normal is  becoming! VERY IMPRESSED!!!  That's right, it is an electric car charging station in the parking garage.


Posing during the 45 min wait... so worth it!  Plus Teresa and I got to go window shop!

Blurry pose but fun times with sissy

What does she order at a fancy restaurant? Pizza... it was good too!

I got ma-hi tacos and Chris got this melt-in-your-mouth salmon

I love the pretty  mulberry tree centerpiece.
We washed down this tasty evening with some frozen yogurt (located immediately next door) and called it a great night!