Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"What happened?"

This title is fitting because not only am I wondering, "Where did the time go? How is my baby turning 23 months?" But also because that seems to be Caleb's favorite phrase this month. Everything is, "What happened?" with this sweet little concerned look on his face when he just doesn't understand something.  It's cute!

I am still amazed at how much more coordinated he is physically.  Today, at 23 months, 6 days, we went to the FCC indoor playground with his cousin, aunt and uncles.  I just loved watching Caleb confidently run up the playground equipment and down the slide and back for more.  He had this happy dance/run all the way back from the slide to the steps.  It was adorable and heart-warming.  Just the last time we went there, he was far more interested in the "little kid" houses and such that are on the outer edges of the playground.

This past month has gone by so fast!  We have had several fun play dates with family/friends.  We did an outing just the other day with Jessi & Elli to Ambucs park and they loved playing on the musical instruments and train!  The slides were a hit too.  We also took Grandpa and Teresa there a week prior and had a blast with them too.  Recently, I had P-T conferences that went til 8 pm and Caleb got to be picked up by grandmom and they played around our house and had a great time. We've enjoyed warmer temps and checked out new parks- we're big fans of Colbert park.  Mostly, because I like that I can swing with him and not have to push!  But Caleb loved all their slides.

We started a new daycare last week.  Caleb had rough mornings but was ready to be with his new friends and eat by lunchtime.  It was refreshing when I picked him up that he greeted me with a smile and told Vicki "bye bye" right away.  No fight to put on shoes or anything.  This has been a huge problem recently when he doesn't want to leave Janice's.  But he seems to be transitioning well so that makes me relieved.

We also just did my annual Ducks N Bunny and boy do I have some cute photos to show from that. Those will have to wait until after Easter though!

Also he is getting really good at shapes and knows the color purple!  He is saying more and more but one of my favorites is how he says "Teresa".  See clip... Teresa Speaking of which, she took him to an egg hunt when I was doing pictures and I could tell they had a good time!

Some phone photo highlights: