Thursday, March 31, 2011

We're are NOT expecting...

(Carefully incubating those babies)

We've been reading up on how long we get to deal with our newest roommate. Looks like we'll be seeing her and her husband for a while. The two eggs should hatch in about a week and then we read the babies will stay around for 2 months. Oh looking forward to the squawking for food and the poop everywhere! ;-)

Cooper Enjoys a New Toy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 5 of Spring Break '11

Again, nothing too eventful today. I did make a fun breakfast of maple sausage (FREE from my Uncle) and homemade pancakes. I also found a great recipe for pork chops (also FREE from my Uncle) that are super moist. Chris and I had dinner together. Otherwise, I spent 30 minutes updating my CPDUs on for my certification and I've been working on school stuff and researching coupons. Not a super exciting day, but I guess it helps to remember I could've been at work all day!

Spring Break '11 Day 4

You know, I wish I had something exciting to talk about from today but it just isn't the case.

I didn't get much done on my to-do list. I did get to walk with my healthy dog and when he came back in he was running sprints around the house like he used to. What joy that brought! He took his last bit of medicine today. See below.

I did some grading and Chris and I watched Nikita. We also watched "How to Train Your Dragon", per my sister's insistence. It was cute. Otherwise, I can't think of too much excitement to write about.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 of Spring Break '11

Day to Give

Today was a busy day. I'm EXHAUSTED! We took Cooper to the vet this morning and he got an "okay" to be around other dogs. He has been fighting off a sinus and ear infection for 3.5 weeks. Wow, what a relief that he is better.

Chris, Cooper and I had a nice Jimmy Johns picnic lunch. Then the three of us played "keep-away" with a tennis ball.

Chris and I went shopping at Walmart. With price matching and coupons, we saved at least $25. In fact, the total with price matching was $75 and with coupons brought it down to $62!!

When we got back, Chris and I began making homemade lasagnas. Talk about mess-making and time commitment! While they baked, I got some much-needed down time and got to edit pictures of my cute nephew!

Chris and I helped my small group serve lasagna dinner for others at Restoration Urban Ministries! It was neat the conversations we had on the drive home thinking about how fortunate we are.

When we got home, we had a crock pot turkey breast waiting for us to figure out how to prepare. We decided to serve it with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was a good dinner but I'll be happy after today not to do dishes for a while. I think I spent over an hour today doing dishes between lasagna and turkey dinner.

Today was a day to give thanks! We are thankful for the countless blessings we have! A safe home, a healthy family, plenty of food on the table, and our health! Praise God!

Day 2 of Spring Break '11

So, today was another good day. Chris and I made our way to Mike & Steph's house for a baby photo shoot. Let me tell you that this kid is a doll!!! Olivia was happy to play with Uncle Chris while I shot some pictures. She even posed in a few too. Rose treated the family to TGIFridays. I think I had the best meal I've had there yet. I ordered the petite sirloin, loaded mashed potatoes and vegetable medley. It was amazing!! Afterwards, Chris and I kidnapped Olivia and we played with Cooper for a while since he had been in a crate 7 hours. He was very sad (and Olivia too) when we had to go. We got back and watched a movie and I edited pictures. Here is some of my day's work! ;-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Official Day of Spring Break

Today was fun, I took Teresa to ISU. We got to see the new Rec Center, got registered for some classes, checked out her future home- Atkin/Colby, and walked everywhere. She got her id and we ate lunch at Lucca's. I think this is just the start of some fun memories at ISU together!

The entrance to the Rec Center is where I used to live (Dunn-Barton). It now has a Jamba Juice.

This is the 3-story rock climbing wall that Teresa can't wait to try out!

Teresa is practicing for all those walks on the third floor track she'll have to take to relieve school stress!

This is the amazing pool that I am totally using when I come visit!

And, this is for any old ISU-goer, how things have changed!

The views from Atkin-Colby

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top-10-Things-To-Do-on-Spring-Break List

1. Get Cooper healthy!!!! He's been battling some sinus-like infection for going on three weeks.
2. Clean carpets on three levels of house- so far 2 levels are done.
3. Mop floors
4. Swap out winter for spring clothes.
5. Do something fun with hubby each day! I'm so happy he took this week off too!
6. Read books for fun.
7. Scrapbook
8. Plan ahead on lessons and write at least 1 IEP from beginning to end.
9. Organize coupon binder in a new way.
10. Go shopping using coupons like I did during summer.

*Pink denotes mission accomplished- oh no! Not looking so good!

So far break has been fun. Sat. Chris and I went to the Reinhart family Hog Roast where we battled it out at Linq and Sequence. Then we went to the library and Hilton Garden Inn for our dinner using my $10 coupon. Today, we went to church and bought a tripod for our camera. Can't wait to start using it! And, were are planning on playing in the windy weather and going to M4 tonight.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poor baby

My baby is sick, REALLY sick. I've never knew a dog could get sick. I'm learning as a furry baby parent. He was starting to show signs on Thursday but by Sunday night it was B-A-D! He couldn't breathe and would begin to hyperventilate. We could calm him down and he would wheez. We read online that with doggie colds sitting in a steamy room can clear up the nasal passage. It was worth a shot. Here I am at 10pm Sunday night holding a snot-nosed dog, rocking him, in the bathroom with the shower running hot water. It did seem to be good bonding time but there weren't any signs he was getting better. We put him in bed with us and he wheezed all night long but no more "asthma-attack" like fits. We took him into the vet on Monday and they put him on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He hadn't eaten anything since Sat until just a few min ago (around 6pm) when he took a few bites of canned food. I'm still praying that this goes away supernaturally soon. I have one mopey puppy!

Just focus on breathing!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a day!

I got up early this morning to hit up Judah's Christian's dollar sale. Proceeds helped senior class go on Puerto Rico mission trip in sring.

I got a few new shirts, Chris got a new shirt, tie, and workout pants, and Gideon got a few new outfits and a hat! I got flip-flops too but they don't fit... bummer! All for... wait for it... $10.

Anyway, Jessi came with me and she got some new things too! We went shopping and she found some centerpiece flowers (on sale, half-off) for her October wedding.

We got to visit baby Gideon and family too and Chris joined us for that and some Panera lunch. I'd say it's been a fun day!! I've been getting some things done for school and I'm looking forward to Monicals tonight with the hubby!!

I'm also happy about M4 (Marriage, Meals, Mentors and More) tomorrow! A new small group Chris and I can actually do together- even with our schedule)

I just wish that the weekend didn't go so fast!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photography in my future?

I have a passion, pictures! Pretty much, I think I've had this passion since I was little. I love taking and editing and staring at and scrap-booking pictures. Today, I was blessed to photograph my very photogenic in-laws and here are a few samples. Just click on the picture to see a bigger version!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Biggest Cry Baby?

I came home exhausted from a LONG work day! (Which is slightly sad after the wonderful inspiring day before.) I planned to take a power nap... which I haven't done in ages and get work done. Instead, I vegged in front of the tv watching Biggest Loser. Let me tell you, the people on the show weren't the only ones producing tears...