Monday, February 24, 2014

"Home Run" for Christina & Jessi- "Touch Down" for Painters!

My sisters threw me an amazing shower! (Technically Jessi isn't my sister but we consider each other that.)  I had a good time. The girls had several games and prizes.  I was surprised by how much meticulous details they put into everything.  This cake and cupcake display was all made by hand by Jessi.  She also made the sports sign too.  We received many amazing gifts and were thrilled at how many people were able to make it out despite this crazy cold weather we've had lately.  I had so much fun and just feel overwhelmed with the love that people have shown us!  This baby is very blessed!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Blues

I like the title of this because today while at Meijer I splurged on this Clearance item for our little man!  He'll be toasty this time next winter!  It is only the second item I have bought him first: little shoes!  

Also pictured below, Chris after shoveling the huge drift out of our driveway.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby bounce

I might be the only one who finds this interesting but I took a video of little man bouncing while I watched Ellen discuss babies being conceived.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A "Beary Good" Time!

Hostess for the mostest, Stephanie Painter, throws one heck of a party!  When she goes theme, she goes all out!!  Let me start by telling you that when it comes to "big decisions" such as a nursery theme; I over-analyze and become uber-indecisive.  So, I was inspired by a pinterest picture (below) to do a teddy bear themed nursery.  What was the problem?  I couldn't find anything I like after scouring the internet for weeks.  Instead about Babyland they had this adorable zoo animal theme that I fell in love with.  After much debate, I went with teddy bear.  (Only to later go with sports because of a craigslist score.)

Anywho, Stephanie knew of  my debate but needed a theme for the shower so I shared with her my extreme love for all things teddy. So, she ran with it!  I love how the shower turned out and I was amazed by how many people made it out to celebrate despite the winter weather trying to slow things down.

The party went fabulously with some of my closest friends in attendance. I got to show the beginnings of the nursery and we played some fun games.  Stephanie had the cutest party favors!  Check out some images from the day.  Our little man is so extremely blessed and he doesn't even know it yet but Chris and I sure feel it!

Even the water bottles & cups were adorned with Stephanie's awesomeness


Food that polar bears would love! ;-)

Northwood bears got to eat too!!


So many gifts!!

There were so many little ones at this party! ;-)

Saturday, February 1, 2014


This hasn't been the best week for my little man.  Cooper was running around as usual on Monday and suddenly he let out a horrifying scream of pain and crashed into a wall.  He hobbled back to me and I thought either he had dislocated a leg or injured his back.  My sister Teresa came over about forty-five minutes later.  Cooper loves her and gave her a warm, playful welcome.  I thought he was feeling better but as the night progressed however, it was clear that he was in a world of pain.  He was breathing abnormally and not able to get up and move around like usual.  We decided we'd let him sleep on it and check him in the morning.

Tuesday morning he was visibly in pain.  I called the vet and while they didn't have appointments they wanted me to bring him in since he had been trembling in pain.  They ran some tests and did some x-rays and his disks above his ribs have been slowly narrowing.  It led to a lot of pain.  Luckily, we caught his symptoms before we got to the point of needing to do surgery.  He is home resting now and needs a lot of medications to make him comfortable.  We were told to keep him crated for 4-6 weeks until his pain in his spine heals.  After that, we'll have to watch him.  He may not show more symptoms or he may.

This image I found online looked similar to Cooper's x-rays

Since Cooper hasn't been crated in years, he isn't adjusting well to this so we sectioned off our kitchen for him.  I've been trying to make his crate appealing by sticking his new fun toys inside.  At first he just batted at his items hoping they'd come to him...

He did get brave enough to go in to retrieve it.