Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dan & Teresa's wedding 1-11-14

Lately, Chris has been working his toosh off.  I hadn't seen the guy in over a week.  He has put in 15 hours days (and he is salaried so no overtime).  One night he got home at 3 in the morning after being at work since like 9-10 am.  So, needless to say, I've missed him!

Saturday felt like my perfect day.  I woke up with Chris at my side (a rare occasion) and he helped me set up for a photo shoot.  Following the session of a super adorable six-month old, we had lunch (leftovers- did I mention I've been cooking a lot lately) with my dad who stopped by to help us go pick up a crib I scored on Craigslist.  The people were selling a sleigh style, cherry colored crib and a changing table for a great price and also threw in a diaper genie, changing pad, high chair AND Pottery barn bedding (complete with adequate stains- but hey, it was free).

After we picked up the baby furniture, Chris took a quick dose while I cleaned up the crib a bit.  We got dolled up to go to a wedding and had a great date night together!  All of our time together on Saturday simply meant the world to me.  Now for some blurry cell phone pictures to remember the night:

Chris' high school friends

 Sometimes he can still give me butterflies!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I find this title appropriate considering that I scored a great deal on a crib, mattress, changing table, changing pad, diaper genie, and Pottery Barn bedding with a sports theme-  all that for $250! Woot!! I'm excited to see little man's room start to take shape!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Day 1-  Chris and I went grocery shopping and were not only prepared but possibly looking forward to being snowed in together.  Church was closed. No worries, I made several crock pot meals over the snow days.  With the feels like temp being -40 and the visibility being very low, we were shocked when our door bell rang.  A girl got herself "beached" in the snow and Chris got to go dig her out... brr...

Day 2- No school for me = no surprise! Chris had to go to work even though I thought that it was just ridiculous.  It took over an hour for a very nice gentleman to get him out of our driveway using a snowblower.  I got to stay home with my pup and enjoy my warm house.

Day 3- Chris went into work early and got home at 3 am.   Those UPS workers get no relief this time of year.  I attempted to update the baby registry but Target's website wasn't cooperative.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby love

Cooper is my first born baby and we really enjoyed a lot of snuggles and quality time together over this holiday break! And I'm sure glad I got his hair cut when I did because little did I know all the horrid weather to come!