Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's back...

School is back in session and I survived my first week.  I'm really enjoying my new kiddos so far!

This weekend was nice too!  Friday night, Sandy and Todd treated to Billy Barooz!  Love that place, they have the best Billy Beef sandwiches and sweet potato fries (and I don't even like sweet potato).

Saturday, I got to sleep in BIG time.  I didn't wake up til 10:30.  I've been fighting off a cold that I already contracted by Wed from my new children!  But, it felt so good to relax.  The hubs and I went all over Champaign looking for items for the new house.  We close on September 7! Yippee!  We went to Pier 1, Macy's, and the Furniture Row as well as a two-hour trip to Meijer (sheesh).  When we got home it was nearly 10pm.

Sunday we went to church, ate lunch at home and I got things done that needed to be done for a while.  We read consumer reports and picked out a new washer and dryer for the new house and that's ordered.  We cut Cooper's hair and that is a tedious long process but he is so soft now!

Tonight, we treated ourselves to some amazing My Thai for dinner- try the Champaign rolls, they're amazing!  And, I am just finishing up last minute details for tomorrow's lessons!  I CAN'T BELIEVE SCHOOL IS ALREADY HERE!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classroom Update

I've done it... spent a lot of time in this room... and here are the results...

Close up of my bulletin board

From back of room (beside teacher desk)

Shelves are filling up

Splashes of color