Monday, November 23, 2015

19 months

Daredevil- watch out world, this kid is invincible! Caleb has no fear, he loves to climb.  Just this week I found him standing on top of the glass coffee table.  #nobiggie He started also diving head first off the couch for fun. Let me tell you that it isn't fun for me.  

Introvert: He still is as shy as ever with new people but can usually come out of his "shell" to give a high-five or wave hello or bye.  

Bruiser: He gave me a black eye.  He was "trust-falling" onto the couch beside me only he got my apple of my cheek just below my eye.  After a few tears from both of us my mom and sister pointed out my goose-egg for a cheek. I woke up Saturday morning with a black eye.  

Artistic/Musical: Caleb grew a strong love for Bubble Guppies this month.  He can sing part of the intro song. He loves to kick and dance when the music comes on.  I just love our nightly routine.  5:40 arrive home, greet Cooper.  6:00 eat 6:30 play til 8 then bedtime bottle and watch our show. He really doesn't like books right now, he just wants to flip them as much as he can.  I did model reading tonight when he carried his baby around and I wrapped her in his snuggle blanket and read to her.  He thought it was funny.

Comedian: Tickle Tickle- this kid started tickling mommy and daddy and the best part is his laugh when he knows he has tickled someone else!

Generous: Sharing- he has become great at sharing items with me and I just soak it up.

Dislikes: diaper changes, strangers, clothes changes, getting in the bath (but then doesn't want to get out), 

Height: 34 inches
Weight: 26.8 lbs
Clothes: 24 months shirts; 18 month pants (starting to get short); shoes 6 diapers 4
Teeth: 8 on top, 6 on bottom
New Things: kissing baby, wants to ride Sandy at Meijer, eating raw fruit/veggies

They always seems to sleep in the same position

recreating last year's photo

glad it wasn't my nose

he loves his new truck!

Celebrating Grandma's 78th birthday