Wednesday, September 23, 2015

17 months

This month has been rough for me.  I haven't liked going back to work.  It is just hard leaving Caleb and going to a place where I completely feel overwhelmed.  Caleb is learning to transition back to me being away from him too.  He has had a few cranky nights and I think he is just plain worn out!  He doesn't nap as much now that I'm away and he lets me know at night.  But, we still manage to sneak in a lot of fun!

New Things: Continuing from above he has taken to sleeping til 10 am a couple of times this month. Last week I started putting him to bed around 8-8:30 instead of 9-9:30 and he is still sleeping long.

He has gained so much confidence and now climbs EVERYTHING!  He can get himself on the couch. I decided to put our couch cushions on the floor because he loves to jump and I would prefer him to fall from 1 foot instead of 3 or 4.  He is fearless when it comes to slides.  Slides that are much too big for him at Ambuc's park, he would happily dive down face first if I let him.

We had our last family swim at Crystal Lake on Labor Day weekend and we had fun!

We have been trying to keep our weekends fun and family-oriented as much as possible.  Just Sunday, we went to Curtis Orchard and just played.  And a couple weeks ago we went to the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival which was great!

Caleb is watching my every move and really likes to mimic my sounds.  He is "counting" to three to initiate games and he is so proud of himself and claps when he gets me to do them.  He is still a huge fan of Grandpa but he also likes Uncle Ben.  Last week, he said "Uncle Ben" as clear as could be once but I couldn't get him to say it again since.  (At least Ben heard it too.)

Caleb has starting walking on our walks and I'm impressed with how far he wants to go.  Sometimes we do have to ride back in a stroller but others, he is happy to walk alongside me.  He even wants to hold Cooper's leash sometimes!

He got to have fun last Tuesday night playing with his cousin. They always have gotten along very well!

Height: 32 inches
Weight: 23.6 lbs
Clothes: 18 months shirts 12/18 month pants (12 getting short but still big around the waist) shoes 4 diapers 3
Teeth: 6 on top, 5 on bottom
Words: here, go go, no
Phrases: here you go, Uh-oh, thank-you
He can definitely understand what I mean when I say, brush teeth, go outside, pet Cooper among many other things.  We have such fun!!