Monday, June 30, 2014

Milk sensitivity verdict...

Still sensitive.  After one entire month with no dairy I indulged in some last night.  Tonight, I had a screaming, arching baby. Luckily I was able to get him a full dose of baby Zantac and a soothing bath.  He is calm now but here's to one more month of no dairy... sigh.

A New, Improved Day

So after a pretty exhausting Saturday, Sunday was a welcome day!  Daddy was up and out the door early to head to church so Caleb and mommy got ready.  I put him in the bouncer and he contently cooed while I showered and got ready for church.  I put him down in the pack and play so I could gather his things for church and he was out!  I didn't have the heart to wake him to put him in his least favorite thing (car seat) so we watched church from the living room!

We had a very relaxing day and I was able to spend some quality time with my family. I really cherish those moments.

Since Caleb was having such a good day, we decided to try out our luck at My Thai.  Sure enough, it went great!!  I got to have the best sushi in town and since it has been one full month of no dairy I decided to give it a go.  I order Thai tea and had frozen yogurt for dessert.  Let's hope that he tolerates it better now than one month ago!

Smiling at Uncle Ben

I get to be on the table and talk with Uncle Ben?!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday bad day

So this EBF-ing mother tried to take on 3 photo sessions in one day.  I don't highly recommend it.  Caleb is only 10 weeks old. The morning went beautifully.  I ignored my alarm for about 40 min (thus getting more sleep) and I thought I'd be totally late. But, as it would turn out, I was able to shower and nurse with time to spare.  I arrived for the photo session and lets just say a certain five year old DID NOT want a photo session at 9 am.  After an hour of trying, we actually arranged to meet in the afternoon to do it again then.  The one year old session (that I was nearly late for) was amazing!  Afterwards, I had time to feed my little man and upload and organize photos.

In the afternoon, it started raining so I wasn't sure that it was going to pan out but in fact it did. Only, the little ones weren't much more willing to have their photos done either.  So both sessions that were supposed to be twenty minutes each totaled nearly three hours. I got home completely engorged, red, sweaty and exhausted. Luckily my MIL was so great and understanding and instead of going out to Long Horn Steakhouse (as was the original plan) we ate Jimmy Johns at my place. (Hey it isn't steak but it is nice to be taken care of!) They stuck around for just a bit after dinner and then I waited around for daddy to get home from working at church.  Let's just say that each day is a new day!

He made me feel better after a long day! ;-)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sisters are the Best!!

Lately, I've been on my own with Caleb (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, dusk, dawn...) Chris has been helping out at church and getting unusual hours at work.  By Friday, I was just plain exhausted. Teresa called and wanted to know if I had afternoon plans.  Nope- except to make a hopefully short trip to Sam's Club.  I was thrilled that she wanted to come by and visit.  She held Caleb and he fell asleep on her- for 3 hours! So, I gladly took the chance to clean the house!!!

We left around dinner time and met my parents at O'Charley's for dinner.

We got to shop successfully (no tears) and got home just as Chris was getting home.  (He had been at work since 8 am and he got home around 8 pm.)

Teresa helped walk the dog since daddy had a head cold and was tired from a long day at work. I love that girl to pieces for all she does for me!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2 month wellness check

Head circumference- 80%
Length- 40%; 23 inches
Weight-50%; 12.6 lbs

Yay, baby!  And, it was the first doctors visit he didn't scream simply cause we were there. In fact, he even took a nap waiting for the nurse to administer his immunizations- four today! :-(  I was happy to report to the doctor that in the past week he learned to giggle AND roll over!  It was a big week for this guy!

The rest of the day was pretty rough.  He needed extra comfort from momma and even that didn't quite cut it but at least he got some good naps in!  He took a four hour nap and this momma got all sorts of photography work done!!

Snoozing on the doctor's bench

Two shots on one side; one on the other + an oral

"Roll over, roll over, and they all rolled over..."

So, on Sunday I told Chris that Caleb seemed like he was going to roll over from his stomach to his back.  It was actually a bit scary because I had him doing tummy time on the couch.  Of course, I was watching him but I told him it wasn't in his best interest to roll off the couch!  ;-)

Later, Mike & kids came by for some family fun- photos, lunch & play and I totally missed his first roll.  Uncle Mike got to see it instead.

Yesterday, I was determined to see this roll and I got to see it 3 times in a row.  I shot a video to capture the moment.  Of course, mind you, he was already wanting to nurse and had done this twice so he was basically over it.  But, he did it happily and more smoothly the first two times.  I'll get a better video soon but here is one so I can forever remember the moment! ;-)

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's the small things

Today I was wishing I could have something sweet.  I feel very limited in options since I can't have dairy & caffeine.  I decided to try to make an iced coffee.  I discovered just a couple of days ago that my coffee creamer is dairy-free (chocolate & caramel) AND we have a couple of de-caff Keurig cups.  So I tried it and it worked beautifully!!  I'm so happy!!!  This is really my perfect day!  Chris was home long enough for me to get things done this morning.  (Including cleaning the shower- a job that I've put off for about 10 months!)  I also was able to do some other household chores too!  Next week this momma has a photo shoot scheduled Wed, Thurs, Friday and Sat so I thought I should get ahead now while I can.  Just watching some "Let's Make a Deal" while waiting on the dryer to finish!  Ahh, the good life!

He successfully sucked his fingers... usually he kind of gets his whole fist.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Whew!  All that father's day traveling really wore Caleb out.  We got home, ate and bathed and he was out. Usually he is happy-go-lucky at 6 am but he was screaming something terrible. He woke up an hour later to nurse and did it again.  Then at 9:15 he was his chipper old self- talking, cooing and smiling! He just needed an extra three hours to catch up is all! ;-)

Here is one of his afternoon naps in unusual places too!

Two Months

Where does the time go?  It sure goes by fast!  The past two months have been such a blessing for me! Motherhood is by far the most rewarding thing I've ever done and experienced.  I love this little man to pieces!!  Breastfeeding is by far more challenging than I would have ever guessed.  I've noticed a huge difference in little man's personality since changing my diet.  I've eliminated (or nearly so) the following foods from my diet: garlic, onion, broccoli, milk, dairy and caffeine. It seems like this combination has helped him tremendously! Enough about me, Caleb is growing and changing every day.  He is becoming more and more alert and definitely doesn't have that amazing ability to sleep through anything that he did as a baby.  He still seems more sensitive to movements than noise but that doesn't mean that the smallest little pin drop won't wake him.

He is very interested in looking at faces and mimicking or trying to figure out how to do what others are doing.  He continues to love bath time but hates being cold/getting dressed afterward.  He still hates his carseat, but I've had 3 times when he didn't scream now.  He generally wakes up super happy early in the morning between 5-6 and just wants to talk and laugh.  Love it!  He gets cranky around 7-9 in the evening but then is usually starting the night routine where he is in a really good sleep at 10. I've enjoyed the Rock & Play sleeper tremendously!  I can nurse him at night and put him in and in five minutes or less he is out for two more hours!!

Cooper is warming up to him more now too. He used to just want to know where the "thing" was and then stay away. Now, he even started to give him kisses.  (Which I appreciate but discourage.)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

First Father's Day

For Chris' first father's day, we let him sleep in.  When he got up, Caleb was taking a nap so I gave him his gift.  A mug with pictures of him and Caleb together and some more mocha Keurig cups that he likes.  He'll likely need the caffeine to stay up with him later! ;-)  He also got a card stating that he could wear a button that shows his position of authority for the day.  (Button read, "I'm The Boss") On the inside it read, just remember to give it back to mom tomorrow! ;-)

We had a good time at my nephew's church for his baby dedication!  I always enjoy Stone Creek's message. Then, we went out for a lovely dinner at Destihl.  We got there around 1:30 and didn't leave til 4.  Where did the time go?

kiddos playing Old Maid
We headed home to pack up the pulled pork I had in the crock pot, I fed Caleb while Chris walked Cooper and we were back on the road again. This time destination- VG.  We got to celebrate three dad's this year.  (And this time last year, there was only one.)  I had fun playing with the nephew!  Matthew is just running around these days at only ten months old.  He is so stinking cute!

Dad with his babies and grandbabies

All 3 dads

(Hopefully this is the only year Caleb and dad will have the same hair line) ;-)
I hope that Chris felt just how valued he really is!  He has really become an amazing father and supporter of this new mother.  I love how he just instinctively knows what to do.  Love him!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Five Fantastic Years!

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of our wedding!  I posted this mushy post on FB-

Today marks five amazing years of marriage to Chris Painter! He has always been my biggest supporter! I love the way he values me for being just who I am. He is a great partner, listener, and father to our child. I love how he prioritizes family first and I love how he works so stinking hard every day for us. I love that he is such a nerd and I can sit here typing on my tv. I love the way he is great with kids. I love how his laugh can make me laugh. I love that after five years, I still want to spend my time with him. We've done a lot in five years; traveled, bought two houses, sold one, trained a sweet dog, lost loved ones, had a baby, watched me transition jobs a million times, but through everything he was always there. Love you babe!! I look forward to many more adventurous years together!!

While we spent much of the day apart, my parents came by late so we could have a late night dinner out.  I chose Kamakura as I have never been there.  Everything we had there was good and fortunately I used a CISAVES coupon for the price!  I would prefer to go to Oishi though if given the choice.  Our dinner was nice and we went to TCBY for frozen yogurt dessert.  I got the dairy-free pink lemonade sorbet AND their coconut/chocolate (dairy-free) combo!  YUMMMYY!

Thanks mom and dad for giving us a night out!!


I did a family reunion photo shoot outdoors from 12:30-2:20 and man did I pay for it later.  Next time, I will apply sunscreen!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cool dude!

ISU Visits...

Starting in 2005, I went to Illinois State University for two years to study special education.  In that time I made lifelong friendships with many people.  But these five girls seem to stick out the most!  Even though we live hours apart from each other, we still find time to get together multiple times a year.  Our next occasion is sure to be Heather's bridal shower!  I just love that we can make time for each other no matter what!

These girls met Caleb one day after he turned 8 weeks old.  I was thrilled with how well he did with everyone!  Generally we have some fussy time throughout our day but I think he was just taking all the pretty ladies in! He didn't seem to interested in tracking Brendan (7 mos) just yet but Brendan sure was happy to watch him!  We had a great day!!

We even got out for a baby-free evening of dinner at Hickory River and drinks (water on the rocks for this nursing mama) at the hotel. I had such a good time with everyone!