Sunday, August 16, 2015

16 months

This past month has been bittersweet for me.  I just have soaked in every second with this kiddo. I would certainly say that this was the month of pools, parks and play!  I go back to work tomorrow. One day after he turns 16 months.  I have enjoyed all our summer time together.

He has really grown a lot this month.  He now has 6 teeth on top (1 top left molar and 1 popping in on the right) and 4 bottom teeth.  He is still Mr. Opinionated but mostly just that he wants to be with mommy.  He loves to sing and dance and climb.  This month he discovered how to climb up on the kitchen chair and thus the kitchen table... sheesh.

We did a lot this month but I think the best part was our beach vacation in South Padre Island in Texas with the whole family.  Caleb learned so much on that trip about beaches.   He learned about feeding seagulls and the taste of sand and saltwater.  He wasn't too fond of the texture of sand to walk in and he didn't want to get near the water but he loved just sitting with sand toys digging in the sand. He also had this really cool floaty that I wish I discovered earlier in the summer.  It sat him and just had a ring in front so I could just relax; hands-free pool time is the best.  He also seemed to really remember the protocol for airplanes. He understood he would be on my lap and didn't fight it.  He slept some on the way there and back and overall it wasn't too bad.   He also gained a love for his cousin Josh and Olivia on this trip.  I loved seeing him pursue Josh to give him a hug and follow him around.  He was mimicking him too!

Speaking of mimicking, he has been fake sneezing trying to get people to say, "Bless You!" and then repeating it back.  He also has starting mimicking "thank you".  He doesn't quite produce too many words still be he definitely understands a ton.  He definitely will ignore directions if he doesn't want to do something but when he does listen he gets a lot of positive reinforcement for being a good listener.

Other noteworthy things about this month was our family fun time in Homer Lake.  We had everyone out for a picnic dinner and playing in the lake.  I could safely say that a good time was had by all!!

He has gotten better at brushing his teeth.  He started petting Cooper gently this month but I still worry that he is going to throw something too roughly at him.  He gives me back rubs when I hold him when he is tired.  He still does the "poop face" when pooing.  (He'll thank me later for this info.) He loves to eat Plum pouches, milk, grapes, clementines, macaroni and much more.
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He continues to amaze me and make everyday so much fun!  I love this little man more than I could have ever dreamed possible.

Height: 31/5 in 46%
Weight:23.4 lbs 52%
Clothes: Shirts: 18 months; Shorts 12 months; shoes: 4; diaper: 3
Teeth: 6 on top; 4 on bottom
Words: Go, Dada, Mama, yeah, oh no, no, uh oh
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