Saturday, July 8, 2017

Caleb James is 3!

It is July and I am just finally getting to his three-year-old post. Caleb turned 3 on Easter this year. We had a huge party the Saturday before to celebrate him as well as his Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Ben. It was a Super Why party (based off of the popular PBS children show). We had so much fun on this party day. We had Black Dog cater the meat and a huge bounce house. We had about seven or eight small children here to celebrate as well as many many adults. So I'm going to tell you about my big boy Caleb.
When I asked Caleb today what his favorite food is he says broccoli,chips and mac and cheese (which conveniently happens to be the meal that we're eating right now).
In reality he really isn't that picky of an eater. He'll eat almost everything that we put in front of him but he has some conditions on those things. He still only wants food to be room temperature, not too cold not too hot, he also won't eat certain textures for example crust or pulp. He loves his juice more than ever before. He is obsessed with bubble tea, especially the Honey Dew flavor. Also notable, he eat slower than anybody else on the planet.
Sleep We switched Caleb to a big boy room back in March. He loves his new room but frequently leaves his bed in the middle of the night to join us in our bed. The past couple nights he has stayed in his bed because we gave him incentives such as getting to eat muffins or candy in the morning. These seem to keep him motivated to stay in bed. He still takes a two hour nap each day. He goes to bed about 9:30 or 10 and gets up about 8 or 8:30 most days.
Caleb has a fantastic imagination, he can make games out of basically anything. His focus is also impressive. He will stay busy with one activity for long periods of time and I love that about this boy. He loves to read but he wants to only read before bed because he thinks if you're going to read is going to be naptime or bedtime. He loves being in water still, he's always been my super happy water boy. We just finished swim lessons and he was being super shy and didn't show off his love of swim like he does for us. He absolutely loves cutting with scissors and can sit there all day doing it. He loves to play with stuffed animals with Mommy. He loves to tickle Daddy and be silly with him. He loves building with Daddy and making towers and playing with trains. He loves lining up his cars in a row. He loves coloring and painting. Yeah so that's a dress up as a superhero and fight off lions.
Caleb now can sing the entire alphabet with no mistakes. he can recognize most of his letters.he can count to 10 with ease. He recognizes all the letters in his name. he knows mommy and daddy's names as well and asks us what they are and then corrects us when we make up something silly. He's always been really good with shapes and colors. At times, I question his hearing. He is definitely a shy boy when it comes to being around others and he learns best through visual not auditory stimuli.
Caleb likes to be independent and do a lot of things for himself. This includes dressing himself and making sure he gets his say and choice of what he wears. He can do shoes independently and pants he needs a little help with shirt at times he's pretty proficient with buttons and zippers.
He also really loves to tell you how to drive from the back seat he is definitely a passenger driver. He is one that wants to be heard right away so if you are talking and he wants to talk he will try to interrupt frequently. He is a snuggle bug he never has a hard time giving out hugs or high fives. Kisses still heal every Boo Boo and ouchie. He loves to ask other people to pray and is a little bit trepidatious about praying himself. Not sure if he just wants to say the right words or why that is.
He loves animals, his favorites are cats. He tells me regularly that he misses Cooper.
His favorite places to go are the library, parks and Grandpa's house.
We are taking a short break from school, but he did fantastic in his new classroom with Aunt Teresa as his teacher. He will start in the three-year-old room in the fall.