Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dinner Time...

I went binge grocery shopping at Meijer last week (12/31/12). They had great deals on meat and an additional $5 off $75 purchase- with all the deals I ended up spending close to $95.  (This is a large amount for me - generally weekly check outs are around $30. However, I'm counting on this one to get me through for a while.)  Anyways, I stocked up on meat and other fresh foods.  I have since made drum roll...

* 5lbs of Italian beef in the slow-cooker served on Rhoades rolls
* 5lbs of BBQ pulled pork served on Rhoades rolls
* Spaghetti with fresh squash and ground turkey
* Beef and noodles with carrots and potatoes

I feel like I'm eating like a queen!  It is so nice to have a slow cooker and such tasty meals!  And hubby is enjoying reheating when he gets home from work too! ;-)