Sunday, June 30, 2013

Caribbean Vacation

What can I say about this trip, I enjoyed having one ENTIRE week with my hubby.  I really loved so much quality time and he couldn't even disappear off to play computer games.  He just had to spend time with me and I soaked that up.  The weather was great and the trip went without a hitch.  My favorite parts were St. Thomas' Magen's bay which is rated one of the world's top ten beaches, island tours, submarine ride, amazing dinners, BBC (Banana Bailey Colada) & Quavaberry drinks, learning the Wobble (hip-hop line dance) and magicians entertaining us on board.  Overall, I really enjoyed it but was also so giddy to come home and snug (short for snuggle) my dog.  I missed him and I was starting to experience withdrawal from being able to speak to people and from Facebook.  The cruise charged like $9 per min or something outrageous to call so I just kept that phone on airplane mode and used it to snap a couple of photos.  

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Magen's Bay, St. Thomas

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Feeling sea-sick 
Carnival Valor

Yummy appetizer- chicken tenders

Coming home