Sunday, May 6, 2012

A weekend to blog about...

Other blog title runner up: Banana Splits and Other Things I Love...

Lately, my weekends have been very dictated... go here, do this, then go there, do that... but this weekend was different.

Friday night I had some unexpected home time (plans changed) and I got a little laundry and household "to-do's" done.

Saturday was GREAT! I slept in til 10, snuggled with my boy til noon, stayed in pjs all day and cleaned, went on a long family walk with the dog and hubby and then showered in preparation for a wonderful date evening. My hubby loves Marvel comics and I wanted to surprise him, so I told him that if the house is clean, we could go out for a movie theater date night.  Since we have a theater in our basement, we almost never go out to the theater (our budget thanks us-- phew movies are expensive!)  We saw The Avengers.  I knew even I would enjoy the movie since it is opening weekend and I would be surrounded by other Marvel fans.  They didn't disappoint, they laughed and cheered together.  I just cherish Saturdays when Chris and I can just BE together.  I LOVE THAT!

Today wasn't bad either but I had to step it up in my school work so that always takes away my attention that I can give to Chris.  I also had someone inquire about a potential newborn photo shoot so of course I spent a long time getting ideas and "pinning" them to Pinterest.  I've been having a lot of fun launching my new photography business.  I officially have a website up and running and I have even made some sales on it.  It is all exciting for me!

I usually get pretty "mopey" so to speak on Sunday nights with the realization that it will be a whole other week before I spend time with my hubby again.  However, tonight when we shared our homemade banana-splits it seemed to keep my spirits up!  Did I mention that I love these moments!?