Sunday, February 21, 2016

22 months

Caleb is learning so many words- he has a new one daily!

Today he came up and handed me a yellow ball and proudly told me it was yellow!  I was impressed! He is a great sharer and generally an awesome listener! He loves kitties, balls, especially tiny ones and readily gives out high fives.  He is not a fan of cold weather, hot food, or leaving places until he is ready.  He has a great throwing arm and is very sensitive to other kids' feelings around him.  He is a huge fan of his cousin Matthew and his friend Henry.  He loves to sing and pray (especially the holding hands part).  He loves doing 'follow the leader' things- especially when he is the leader of the group.  His favorite shows are Daniel Tiger and How to Train Your Dragon.  He loves getting shoes on but hates diaper changes.  He is quite good at magnet blocks and Mega Bloks.  He likes playing drums and eating food!  He eats nearly everything we eat.  The other day I had made him a separate meal because he tends not to eat too many meat and veggies.  He insisted that he wanted what we had (chicken fajitas) so I made him a small one, inserted a toothpick, and lo', he ate practically the whole thing.  He loves his "baby" and carries it everywhere.  He does even like watching me give her diaper "changes" which helps him to lay better for his own.  We recently got some Hexbug nanos and aquabot fish and he loves them.   He carried them all over the house.  When it is bath time, I ask him what "fishy" is doing and he runs up the stairs to check it out.

He has learned many body parts including: head, shoulders, knees and feet! ;-)  He can name the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, head, cheeks, belly button and teeth too!

This month he got his first haircut.  I thought I would cry missing his cute little curls but he looks so handsome and grown up that I wasn't sad at all.  He cried the whole time but sat perfectly still so I was happy.

Other fun things that happened earlier this month were celebrating grandpa's birthday at a his house and he got to play with Garfield and Sylvester- their cats- We also got to party at a Mexican restaurant for Aunt Christina's birthday.  Caleb & Matthew ran around and Aunt Christina got a sombrero!

Other notes: Caleb loves shopping at Meijer cuz he gets to ride Sandy.  He is fearless when it comes to slides.